Grey Checkered Pants

Our collection of grey checkered pants for men are the best of both worlds - bold enough to make a statement that you care, classy enough to look effortlessly cool. ...

If you're out to add an extra personal touch to your signature style, nothing beats the effects of checked trousers. Find your favourite grey checkered pants among our selection of designs.

Checked Trousers by La Haute

With the La Haute line-up of checked trousers for men, we make smart-casual effortless and dressing up a breeze. Our collection of grey checkered pants will get your vote every time, whether you're running out the door and want what you wear at home to be appropriate for outside, or putting together an outfit for an event you may have in mind.

We have a wide selection of colours and patterns to choose from, all cut to the perfect fit. And best of all, La Haute grey checkered pants have been designed to be comfortable - they're the checkered jeans you'll want to wear in your own home.

For the perfect balance between home, office and going-out wear, go with grey check pants.

In general, the key thing to keep in mind is to keep the rest of your outfit neutral, and your checked trousers can do the rest. As they're smart enough on their own, you can try wearing your checkered jeans with a white tee and white sneakers.

Otherwise, to dress up for a more formal occasion, the versatile grey check pants can pair with any shirt in a soft colour, from white to pale blue, with beige dress shoes to finish the look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Versatile and vibrant, grey checkered pants will never let you down.

Once you've got the hang of how to blend them into an outfit, checked trousers can be your go-to item that'll never go out of style.

How can I style grey checkered pants?

Grey checkered pants are such a winner. Amazingly versatile, you can pull them on for any occasion, whether you're going out on weekends or wearing them to work.

Because they're less bold than black and not as sharp as white, grey is easier to blend into an outfit. Grey gives the greatest diversity of looks you can pull off with a single item.

With grey checkered pants you can dress up or down, whether you want to go smart casual or full casual.

How can I match grey checkered pants?

Grey checkered pants are already stylish, but they have to match with the rest of your outfit.

Luckily, grey is super easy to match with a range of colours. Use the sleek aesthetic of grey check pants to blend into a sophisticated, trendy outfit.

Lighter greys match well with white shirts, and darker greys with black shirts. In terms of tone, match a cooler grey with cool shades such as light blue, and warmer grey with warm colours such as beige.

What colour shirt goes with black and white checkered trousers?

White, black and blue are the best shirt colours to pair with black and white checked trousers.

If you prefer to blend in, choose a shirt in a neutral shade such as off-white or navy. Any grey wool on top will look fantastic - scarf, blazer, a long coat, etc.

For more formal occasions, you can dress up your checkered jeans with a bold black shirt. Checks and black is a classic combination that'll cut out a sleek shape. Finish the look with some oxford or other dress shoes.

What can I wear with checkered trousers?

Checked trousers are just as versatile as regular jeans - plus their added benefit of the prints keeping your outfit looking fresh.

For a more summery style, choose checked trousers of a lighter colour. For winter, go with a darker look. Keep the rest of your outfit to this lighter or darker theme

How can I wear men's grey checkered pants?

The patterns of checked trousers give that level of sophistication. Are you aiming for smart casual or more laid back?

If you're looking for a more informal style, choose a t-shirt in black or another bold colour. Checkered jeans are just right for the sleek relaxed look.

If you need grey checkered pants for a more formal occasion, they've got just the right chic appeal for smart casual. Choose a collared shirt in crisp white or stark black. Add dress shoes such as loafers or oxfords.

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