Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a classic summer look that never goes out of style. La Haute uses premium fabric and quality tailoring to create denim shorts that last for years. ...

Each of our many styles is designed to fit comfortably while looking casual and understated. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or an event with friends, our denim shorts are a perfect choice.

Explore our collection, find your perfect fit, and shop online now. We’ll ship the perfect pair of denim shorts to your door in just days.

Denim Shorts by La Haute

The concept behind La Haute is to create relaxed, casual, comfortable pieces that can be worn anywhere - and our denim shorts are no exception.

Our denim shorts are both comfortable and durable, meaning you’ll get to enjoy well-fitting clothing that lasts for years to come. Unlike other brands, we pay close attention to our tailoring and stitching, so despite our bargain prices, you’ll receive denim shorts that are created with top quality handiwork.

And best of all, this super-soft denim can be worn anywhere. Comfortable, breathable and cool, La Haute denim shorts are the perfect new look for summer. Shop online now and pick up a pair now.

Black Denim Shorts

A look for all seasons, black denim shorts are sophisticated, sleek and stylish. A vital part of any wardrobe, black denim shorts pair perfectly with a relaxed cotton T-shirt for a comfortable, breathable look.

All black is a classic look that can be worn anywhere. Understated and casual whilst also smart and polished, black denim shorts are an essential item that compliments any look.

What’s important is the quality of the materials, tailoring and fit. And at La Haute, you can guarantee that every pair of black denim shorts represents the very finest quality.

Men's White Shorts

Why not switch it up and try something different - with a pair of La Haute white denim shorts? All about standing out from the cloud with a bright and bold look, white denim shorts can be a great look.

Paired with a loose white cotton tee, white denim shorts are all about creating a clean, fresh and relaxed fit. This is the kind of look that La Haute is dedicated to creating.

So why not explore our extensive collection online, find your perfect fit, and place your order online now. Expect your denim shorts to arrive on your doorstep in days. Mission accomplished - the perfect new look for summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to summer!! Get ready for the warm weather with a brand new look. Our classic denim shorts are easy to wear and perfect for any occasion.

La Haute men's denim shorts have been crafted to perfection, using super-stretch cotton fabric. They provide the perfect level of stretch, making them comfortable enough to wear on hot days.

These denim shorts are perfect for day-to-day wear and will keep you looking good whether you want to dress up or down.

They're a breeze to wear in warmer weather - just throw on a sweater or jacket, and you're ready to slide into the evening’s activities in the very same pair.

Are denim shorts fashionable for men?

Practical, comfortable and stylish - denim shorts deliver a classic look that will never go out of style.

Ruggedly practical and undeniably stylish, La Haute men's denim shorts have become a staple of the relaxed summer wardrobe.

Denim shorts became trendy in the late '60s, as the counter-cultural movement swept around the world. Fifty years later and they’re still going strong, as a timeless look that suits any occasion.

The cut-off style has just the right touch of irreverence for the casual look, while the quality and sturdiness of the material give it an edge of formality. Pick the cut and colour that suits you, and you're ready to go!

What should men wear with denim shorts?

Men's denim shorts give the flexibility to dress more trendy or more casual, as you feel like on the day. A casual look should never be boring!

If you're after a bold, sharp look, match your denim shorts to a white crew-neck shirt. The denim shorts keep it casual, but the neat colour pairing will also keep you on-trend. If you really want to stand out, add some white or navy sneakers, either high- or low-top.

For a more casual look, try a short-sleeved shirt with a soft colour. Anything from light grey to light pink will pair well. Or if you want to go even more laid-back? Men's denim shorts and hoodies - name a better combination! A casual look is easy to add extra style, such as with your choice of sneakers.

Alternatively, there's nothing wrong with denim on denim! Throw a denim jacket on top to complete the whole ensemble.

How should denim shorts fit for men?

When it comes to men's denim shorts, fitted and comfortable is the name of the day.

Unlike a lot of cheap fast-fashion brands, our denim shorts are shaped to look good on you. There's none of the bottom-heavy, trapezoid silhouette going on around here.

Fitted doesn't mean your denim shorts have to be skin-tight. Make sure you can move around freely in them, with the denim shorts comfortable and snug around the waist. Leave a touch of wiggle room between fabric and skin, but not too much.

As for the length of men's denim shorts? If you're looking to pair with a shirt and sneakers or other similar shoes, an 18 cm in-seam will probably do you well, or longer if you're taller.

What should I wear with black denim shorts?

There's always a lot of thought gone into looking low-key but on-point. How to have style but look laid back at the same time?

Black denim shorts cut a sharp outline and will look neat. They're a good choice for most bodies and for most outfits, but a few style outlines can go a long way.

Black on black is a great style choice. It's a solid look. Pair with either white or black sneakers - black to extend the look, or white for contrast and pop.

If you want to dial up your style, some aviator sunnies and neat white canvas sneakers will do the job. Whether low- or high-top, it'll hold your complete look together.

Black denim shorts are easy to dress up or down. Pair with a t-shirt and sneakers to look more laid back, or with a polo shirt and loafers to look a bit smarter.

Can men wear a denim jacket with shorts?

Absolutely! Denim is the backbone of the modern man's wardrobe. With its undeniable, enduring popularity, there's a lot to be said for denim on denim, including jackets with shorts.

Denim shorts have become a staple of the casual summer wardrobe, and when paired with a denim jacket, it's the perfect weather-appropriate touch.

As spring arrives, it's the perfect way to stay not too hot and not too cold, while also leaning into a style trend. It's a great relaxed outfit.

Choose a jacket and shorts of two different shades of denim. You could go with two shades of blue, or mix it up completely with white or black denim shorts.

Denim jackets and shorts pair well with any kind of sneakers - whether low- or high-top, white, black or any colour of your choosing. A more textured colour such as beige can complement the heavy look of denim fabric.

How can I style long denim shorts?

How to beat the heat while still cutting a stylish shape? Men's denim shorts have become a go-to staple of the modern wardrobe. Relaxed but formal, they’re easy to wear with any kind of outfit.

Our denim shorts come in a range of bold colours. For example, if you really want to stand out, choose a pair of men's white shorts.

The advantage of denim shorts is that they're tapered to fit the shape of your leg. Chunky, oversized shorts can make you look like a schoolboy, especially if you're dressing it up with a nice shirt. Men's denim shorts are made to mould closer to the shape of your body.

The quality of La Haute denim shorts also make them more suited to sliding from daytime activities into the evening - both in terms of practicality and style.

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